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This vegan mayo from Hellmann’s is impressive. It has the same thick, silky texture, and almost indistinguishable flavour from a similar product that uses eggs. A great alternative for plant-based living, or anyone who wants to watch their cholesterol intake.

A perfectly portable zero-waste option for your favourite classic, whether it’s at a backyard BBQ, chilling at the park, or just needing a small amount for a recipe at home. Use it in your favourite sandwiches (or on the outside, to get the perfect crispy crust on a grilled cheese), make your favourite potato or pasta salads, or dip fries and artichoke leaves in. Keep refrigerated.


Non-GMO canola oil, water, non-GMO sugar, vinegar, salt, non-GMO modified corn and potato starch, concentrated lemon juice, non-GMO natural flavour, non-GMO spice extract, calcium disodium EDTA (maintains flavour)

May contain mustard

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