Strawberry Champagne Kombucha

Hoochy 'Booch




Summer days are coming to a close, but we’ll gladly toast to sunny flavours all year long.

Hoochy Booch has teamed up with local tea company, Tea Sparrow (see our selection!), to create this limited-edition, seasonal treat. Sencha green tea and subtle notes of pink pepper help to pull out the bright strawberry flavour.

Note: Please choose refill if you have already ordered a 1 L Hoochy ‘Booch growler and will be leaving one out for return through Livlite.


Kombucha (filtered water, organic green tea, organic kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic jasmine essence), Sencha green tea, carrot pieces, candied pineapple pieces, strawberries, cornflowers, sunflowers, organic pink pepper, natural strawberry flavour

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