Roasted Onion Vegan Gravy – 500 ml

Planetary Burger



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This umami-rich, plant-based gravy is a jar of pourable dreams, conveniently ready to bring some extrastellar joy to your mashed potatoes, fries, and basically any meal ever. 

Sold frozen. Use within 7 days from thawing.

Vancouver’s Planetary Burger is on a mission to help us take part in building a beautiful, plant-fuelled future for all people. They offer satisfying, sustainable foods that are powered by vegetables, and now, Planetary Essentials, for your home base and trips to infinity. Let’s remain hopeful, earthlings, and take care of our home: As far as we know, Mars doesn’t have burgers and fries.



Onion, garlic, chickpea miso, oil, spices, vinegar, yeast, salt

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