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Portobello mushrooms alongside plantains, black eyed peas, carrots and potatoes in this West Indies-inspired curry. You will want seconds, we sure did!

Since 2018, Asha Wheeldon and the Kula Foods team have been making nourishing plant-based, East African meals and retail products. They’re popularly known for bold flavour and uplifting community through events, donations, and celebrating culture. “Kula” means “eat” in Swahili, and is a Black-owned business. Their products are made locally in Vancouver, and at Livlite, are available as part of our glass jar return/credit program.

Let’s kula together!


Portobello mushrooms, black eyed peas, potatoes, carrots, green plantains, potatoes, tomatoes, curry, allspice, bay leaf, thyme, spices, coconut milk, olive oil, onion, garlic, ginger, hot peppers

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