Local Parsnips – 1 lb

North Arm Farm


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These freshly harvested parsnips are a beautiful albion (white) variety. Parsnips don’t get enough praise for their versatility. Usually when we hear about them, they’re simply mashed or baked, but they have so much potential.

Accentuate their sweetness by glazing them with honey, olive oil, and spices before roasting. Treat them like fries, and dunk them in a mayo-based dip. Bake them into a cheesy gratin, to be topped with lemon and fresh herbs. Include them in desserts. Yes, desserts! Their flavour and (cooked) texture makes them great for pie fillings, custards/purées, ice cream, and batters. Add some vanilla, warming spices, and a high-fat milk/alternative, and you’re ready for fall-winter coziness.

For the past 25 years, the Sturdy family has been growing beautiful produce at North Arm Farm in the Pemberton valley.



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