Local Assorted Kale

Hannah Brook Farms

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Light and fluffy, tender kale leaves, trimmed and ready to add to your next meal. These photos feature a large bag order (180 g).

*Due to the change in seasonality affecting several types of kale at Hannah Brook Farms, our local kale assortment is changing regularly. We cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured*

Hannah Brook Farms has been in business for 20 years, and the land has been growing food for over a century. With a reputation for outrageously beautiful vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, they normally supply about 80 restaurants in Vancouver, including growing exclusive varieties for elevated dining spaces like Ask for Luigi and Forage. HBF has also been an exclusive produce provider of Top Chef Canada.

When you ask Paul from Hannah Brook Farms to describe his operation, he says, “It’s better if you just come down and take a look”. They recently completed building an open-dining, socially-distancing-friendly cooking space on their grounds, and we are definitely looking forward to a visit!


Ingredients coming soon.

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