House Sourdough

Nelson The Seagull



Sink into this pillowy goodness. House sourdough is versatile and perfect for all of your everyday bread needs. Made from scratch, using flour milled from Canadian-grown red spring wheat, and Ladoga whole wheat, an organic heirloom flour that is grown, harvested, and stone-ground in Canyon, B.C.

“Our house sourdough loaf and most essential menu item in the bakery. Fermented over 24 hours, 3 simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt, become a bouncy, creamy, and complex loaf, which is then baked to ensure a crunchy, blistered crust, with a nutty, slightly sour aroma.” – Nelson the Seagull


Red spring wheat flour, organic Ladoga whole wheat flour, water, salt, cornmeal (on the outside)

Contains wheat

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