Cran-Baby Kombucha

Hoochy 'Booch




From Hoochy ‘Booch’s website:

“Tart & festive cranberry, balanced with a warming blend of cinnamon and orange. Inspired by the ebbs & flows, we’ve created our Cran-Baby brew to match the pace of Fall. Pairing up with Naked Teas, this blend offers a varying degree of mood, herbs, and rejuvenation to delight your palate. It’s like we had you in mind when we created it!”

Note: Please choose refill if you have already ordered a 1 L Hoochy ‘Booch growler and will be leaving one out for return through Livlite.


Organic kombucha (filtered water, organic green tea, organic kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, organic jasmine essence), organic hibiscus, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, organic cranberries, organic lemon verbena, organic rosehips, natural flavouring

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