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Salty Cabbage Kimchi


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Hotheads and gut health enthusiasts, rejoice! We asked Salty Cabbage to bring us their namesake product at full-strength firepower, the way they would want it to be served: as rich in flavour, spice, and fermented tartness as it ought to be when paired with gorgeous Korean food.

Don’t limit yourself, though, put this on everything! The possibilities are endless.

Salty Cabbage Kimchi is freshly fermented, crunchy goodness, locally made in the heart of East Vancouver. Kailyn Chun and her team make authentic Korean kimchi from scratch (no preservatives or additives), using produce from BC farms when it’s available. Enjoy some salty cabbage! Your gut will thank you.



Tips from Salty Cabbage Kimchi for how to keep yours extra happy!

*PLEASE KEEP IT REFRIGERATED* to delay fermentation. Once it starts fermenting, kimchi will turn tangy and tart.

*POP* the bottle cap might pop (like champagne bottles) and the juice might leak because the active fermentation process creates gas while making good probiotics.

*USE CLEAN UTENSILS* and do not eat out of the jars. Saliva or water will get your kimchi moldy.


Napa cabbage, green onions, onions, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, apple, pear, chili powder, organic cane sugar, salt

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