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Chili Garlic brings the heat with double the peppers of the other flavours, yet still full of balanced flavour and freshness. This one is the mother of the other flavours and is the most versatile for all types of cuisine. Try it with hot wings, create your own sriracha mayo dipping sauce, pour over pizza, pasta, fried rice or poutine.

Shake well. No colours added, no preservatives, all natural.

We receive Sriarcha Revolver products in returnable glass bottles. Made locally in Vancouver by Jordan Hocking.


Vinegar, garlic, organic cane sugar, chili, red bell pepper, sea salt, ​citric acid.

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new favourite hot sauce

This hot sauce is so damn good. I've been using it in basically everything I've made since I bought it. Favourite so far was making a sauce (2:1 hot sauce to honey) for fried tofu. tofu was coated with cornstarch and fried, and then cooked in the sauce for three minutes, served on rice with broccoli, cashews, green onions, and peppers.I've also just been dipping anything I can find in it... it's addictive.

, Vancouver — November 24, 2020

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