Sumatra Dark Roast

Agro Roasters

(2 customer reviews)


Coffee beans



In Agro Roasters’ own words: Earthy, sweet, dark chocolate, with a creamy mouth feel


Coffee beans

Reviews (2)

Smooth Roast

Makes a delicious cup of coffee. Smooth, not acidic, flavourful. Best coffee I’ve had in a while.

, Vancouver — November 11, 2020

Great tasting Coffee

I couldn't decide which Agro Roasters' beans to try first, but now that I've tried Sumatra I'm hooked. Even though I want to try the others, I know I will order Sumatra again, and again... it's that good! Very smooth, creamy, and flavourful indeed. Tastes amazing with Earth's Own Oat Milk.

, Vancouver — April 9, 2021

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