Aged Farmhouse Cheese ~ 200g

Natural Pastures


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Are you ready for the cheese of winners?

This is the 2009 Pacific National Exhibition Cheese Competition’s Overall Champion Cheese & Winner of Hard Cheese Category. We’re going to let Natural Pastures take it away:

“They say that with maturity comes wisdom. When our award-winning cheese reaches maturity, it gains the confident wisdom of a champion. Confidence that speaks for itself. Try our Aged Farmhouse alone or with crackers. Be prepared for enlightened boldness.

National Champion Boerenkaas, when aged, transforms into our Aged Farmhouse with a slightly granular texture loaded with rich, bold flavour. Delicious, unique terroir of the Comox Valley leaves a lingering sweetness on the tongue.”

Strong words for a strong cheese! We are hooked.

Each piece of cheese is cut to approximately 200g, then wrapped with eco-friendly, uncoated, grease-resistant parchment paper, and then a layer of kraft paper. Both of these are unbleached, and fully home-compostable.

We recommend opening the package slightly, and protecting them in a sealed container/drawer or bag in the fridge, to enjoy within a few days.


Pasteurized milk, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme, calcium chloride, salt

Contains lactose

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