We are Livlite. We make low-waste living easier.

How it Started

It’s hard to live on the West Coast in close proximity to nature and not think about our daily impact on the environment. One of the things we thought about, and still think about, is how we can cut down on household packaging waste when we’re creatures of convenience. In our busy households, our environmental consciousness can get pushed to the wayside. We also realize many of our friends and family want lower waste options, and like us, just lack realistic options to make this goal a reality.

When we talk about packaging waste, we don’t just mean what’s in our garbage, but everything sent out for recycling and compost, too. Everything that goes in and out of our doors has an impact. Particularly, the almost 85% of plastic that doesn’t get recycled. 

Our solution is grocery delivery using returnable glass jars and compostable paper bags. Bring back the milk lady!

What We Value

Respect the planet + people

Decisions are based on what is environmentally just for the planet and people.

Be upfront with information

We are transparent about our products, our process, and our impact.

Focus on functionality

Offer solutions that are attainable for a lot of people.

Be easy-to-reach

We are responsive when you reach out.