We are Livlite. We make low-waste living easy.

Zero Waste Groceries. Delivered.

Livlite is a Vancouver e-commerce grocery startup that delivers zero waste groceries to households. We’re on a mission to make it easy to cut down on packaging waste at home. Our groceries are 98% plastic-free and 90% of our suppliers are local. 

Our Values

Protecting our environment

Our earth has a right to a healthy existence. We know that we can care for our environment and future generations by making sustainable choices as consumers.


We have a duty to treat our employees, customers and suppliers in a fair, respectful and compassionate manner while being a progressive and caring member of the communities we serve.

Progress over perfection

Our actions – regardless how small the action may appear – affect the whole. We understand that small steps create lasting, tangible changes.

The Livlite Team

Grace Kennedy

Grace is a mom, avid mountain biker and trail runner.  She is passionate about innovation that cuts down on household waste, voting, and generally working to leave the planet and people in a better place. Grace loves her local East Van community and promoting partner businesses.


Jasper Walley

Jasper manages all things production and delivery at Livlite. He worked with several of our favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants and suppliers prior to joining us. When Jasper isn’t working on low-waste solutions for our products and making sure our customers are happy, you can find him with his band in East Vancouver. 

Production Coordinator

Nick Hastie

Born and raised on the gool ole East Coast, Nick moved to BC in 2001 in pursuit of some big juicy sporting goals. Nick has since gained an affinity for plant-based eating, the environment and reducing waste across all aspects of his life.

With past experience in food & beverage and as a recent graduate of the Master Recycler Vancouver program, Nick is thrilled be a part of a value-based business where he can share his passions. In 2020, Nick is proud of sending only 5 bags of waste to landfill.

Nick Hastie

Product Coordinator

Dan Kennedy

Dan has a well-rounded background of start-up, not-for-profit and retail work experience. He’s big into research and making highly informed decisions that drive smarter operations. You can find Dan wearing shorts in sub-zero weather, reading a book or listening to diverse music. He’s also a big fan of the outdoors and traveling.

Operations Assistant

Olivia Horrell

Olivia moved to the West Coast in 2016 to pursue her passion for food and has been learning and working in the Vancouver food community since. She loves helping others make environmentally friendly choices in accessible ways through plant-based cooking and baking and reducing food and household waste.

Product Coordinator

Kelsey Watson

Kelsey is passionate about improving the sustainability of the food system one bite at a time and is currently finishing grad school in Sustainable Food Systems & Security. She is excited to combine her passion and knowledge to make low-waste living accessible for everyone. You’re likely to find Kelsey thrifting for hidden gems, growing as many veggies as possible in her tiny garden, and always stopping to say hi to cute dogs.

Product Intern

Jess Bacon

A Brit in search of a new adventure, Jess moved from London, England to Vancouver several years ago, and fell in love with beautiful BC. Often found thrifting for second-hand bargains, she practises progress over perfection with respect to low-waste living. Jess is happy to put her experience as a marketer to meaningful use helping encourage others to start living more consciously.

Marketing Coordinator