Moving towards zero waste in Vancouver

October 22, 2020
By: grace

Hi, I’m Grace. I’m an avid mountain biker, Mom to Casey (human) and Baloo (dog), Vancouver coffee enthusiast and founder of Livlite. If you’re reading this we likely share a common desire to do better for the environment. 

I don’t consider myself a environmental champ, or “zero-waster”, as I am totally imperfect in those categories. But I’m aware of the different ways we wreak havoc on the earth, particularly when it comes to household consumption, and am committed to finding solutions that work for a lot of us.

I started Livlite because as a new Mom, I needed grocery shopping to be easy, and finding low-waste options with a toddler in tow, was definitely not easy. Each day I saw the garbage fill up with single-use items that accumulated as a result of having a kid and staying home more often. I knew that if I was frustrated that zero waste options weren’t convenient, other people probably felt the same way.

My brother-in-law likes to remind me of headlines stating ‘100 Companies are Responsible for the Majority of the World’s Carbon Emissions’. What these headlines don’t reveal is these companies exist because our consumption habits have created a demand. Environmental policies are slow moving, and even though they are forcing these large corporations to adjust, individuals like you and I, have a lot of power just by shaping the demand with our habits in our own communities. 

Every container that gets reused again, and doesn’t end up in a landfill is a small win for me. I’m not 100% zero waste, and I don’t think I’ll ever be, that’s not a goal for me. What I’ve enjoyed about my low-waste journey is that it’s easy to get inspired (for me – that’s being in the mountains) and it feels really damn good to reuse and watch less and less recycling and garbage go out the door.