8 things I’m currently in love with at Livlite

May 3, 2022
By: grace

1. Philips 0.5% Pale Ale

Um, is this a real beer? Nope, but it sure as heck tastes like one. Great for meeting any “it’s 5 o’clock” occasion.

2. Cara Cara Oranges

My partner sometimes calls me a food pusher – as in, I love sharing food and having people try new things we bring in! Well, sometimes he just doesn’t get as excited as me about things, but these Cara Cara oranges kind of blew his socks off. We’ve been eating them non-stop!

3. This really great soap tray

It sounds silly, but since switching to bar soap for hands in the bathroom, I hadn’t quite found the best solution for a dish soap tray until now. This Plantish 2-piece dish soap tray filters water to the bottom piece, leaving your soap dry. Plus, it looks pretty nice!

4. Fresh Noodles

This week I made stir-fry Shanghai noodles and got AT LEAST 6 large servings out of them. I stir-fried garlic, ginger, cabbage, onions, carrots from North Arm Farm and broccoli. Sauce was a couple of tablespoons of oyster sauce, soy-sauce, and toasted sesame oil. For protein we had tofu marinated in soy-sauce and dipped in a coating of nutritional yeast, garlic powder and salt, then fried. Topped with green onions and sesame seeds – delish!

You wouldn’t believe how many servings you get out of a pound of our fresh ramen, udon or Shanghai style noodles. These are made uber locally, a couple blocks from our location in Strathcona.

5. Gai-lan

My favourite Vancouver restaurant, Harvest Community Foods, always tops their dishes with crisp, bright gai-lan, and it’s to die for. We just started bringing in gai-lan and it’s honestly such a treat if you haven’t tried it. Chinese broccoli, as it’s sometimes called.

6. Brightside Foods Bean + Cheese Burritos

I’m always on the go and lunch planning is prioritized for my three year-old. These burritos, which come regular or vegan, are super handy to pop in the oven or toaster oven, and there’s peace of mind that you’re getting some real nutrition compared to other frozen burritos. They are made in the neighbourhood from whole ingredients.

7. DOM’S Frankincense-Fir Deodorant

Natural deodorants have never seemed to work for me – until this one. I was a bit weirded out that you use your hand to apply the cream to your pits at first, but wow, the smell is just fantastic and the effectiveness is no less than impressive!

8. Chicken Koyla Karahi Curry

Just WOW. Imagine going to a great South Asian restaurant, but in your house. This is kind of what it feels like when I thaw and heat this curry on a weeknight. I’ll pop it in the fridge in the morning, and after work I’ll make rice and steam some veggies to add. It serves two easily. Just one note: it’s best for those who can handle a bit of spice!