7 things I’m loving at Livlite

September 7, 2022
By: kelsey-watson

1. ULAT Dryer Balls

Natural, chemical-free dryer sheet replacement AND saving energy? I’m in! I have noticed a huge reduction in my dryer time and I love adding a couple drops of essential oils to my dryer balls to make my laundry smell extra fresh.

2. Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce

As a self-proclaimed hot sauce connoisseur I can attest that Sriracha Revolver is the real deal. I love that the hot sauce is packed in Livlite’s reusable jars, making it zero-waste and plastic free.

3. Phillips Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

This has been my drink of the summer! It has craft beer taste, without the alcohol. The Hazy IPA is a staff fave around here.

6. Carina Organics Conditioner

After a summer of sun and saltwater my hair has been feeling super dry. I recently started using Carina’s Sweet Pea Deep Conditioner and wow does it ever work! It’s super hydrating, but also light enough to use as my regular conditioner.

5. Local Organic Green Beans

These local organic green beans have become a staple for me. I add them to my cart with every order! My favourite way to eat them is pickled. Here’s my quick pickled green bean recipe:

  1. Fill a mason jar (or reused Livlite jar!) with clean, destemmed green beans
  2. Add one tsp of sugar
  3. Add one tsp of salt (or more to taste)
  4. Toss in your favourite herbs and spices (my go-to is garlic, chili flakes and dill)
  5. Fill jar half full with white vinegar
  6. Fill the rest of the jar with water (make sure beans are fully submerged)
  7. Put the lid on the jar and give it a good shake!
  8. Place jar in your fridge, 24 hour later you’ll have quick pickled green beans!
  9. Consume your quick pickled green beans within 7 days of pickling (if they last that long!)

4. Seed to Culture Sauerkraut

I cannot stop eating this sauerkraut straight out of the jar. It’s that good! But it also makes a great addition to sandwiches, salads, burritos and burgers… if it makes it to your plate.

7. The Preservatory Jams

Mmm the best jams! I love that The Preservatory only uses fresh local berries from the Fraser Valley and the ingredients are simple (just berries, sugar and lemon juice), making it taste just like my grandma’s jam.

That’s it for now!