5 Tips for Integrating Zero Waste Products into your Home

May 29, 2022
By: grace

1. Save those spray bottles

Repurposing old cleaning and personal care bottles is the most environmentally friendly way of using refills. Yes, we carry pretty amber glass spray and pump bottles, but we’d suggest repurposing (and labelling) what you have at home first.

2. Get a few sizes of funnels

The whole decanting process goes a lot smoother with a set of funnels to easily pour jars of liquid, like soaps, oils, sauces, etc. into your preferred dispensing container at home.

Most “single-use” glass soy sauce or olive oil bottles can be easily reused by popping out the plastic insert from the bottle neck, sanitizing and refilling, and then replacing the plastic insert.

3. Protect your shampoo/conditioner bars!

The most important factor in getting months of use out of shampoo or conditioner bars is keeping them dry between uses.

Kid tip: Keep these bars out of reach of little hands so they don’t get submerged into baths which will exponentially decrease their life.

4. Allow wool dryer balls to ventilate

If you’ve made the leap to wool dryer balls, like Vancouver Island ULAT’s handmade ones, make sure to allow air to circulate around them instead of keeping them locked up in the dryer between uses. For more neat tips about ULAT dryer balls, check this out.

5. Think twice before recycling

Products like these amazing woodsy-scented local candles from Hollow Tree come in a tin. When your candle is through, these can be cleaned and reused for all sort of storage needs at home.