5 Pleasantly Surprising Things I’ve Discovered Since Starting to Shop at Livlite 

June 16, 2022
By: jesslivlite-co

By Jess Bacon

Like many of us concerned about the ever-growing impact of plastic pollution on our environment, a few months ago, I decided to embark upon a journey to reduce my own household waste. I’m a busy person by nature and so for years I had used the excuse that ‘I didn’t have time’ to go and stand in lines at my local re-fillery, but with Livlite’s promise that I could have zero waste groceries delivered for free each week, I could hardly justify this any longer. 

Before starting to shop with reducing packaging in mind, I expected these sorts of stores to be exceedingly expensive and lack some of the more specialty items I would want; however, I’m happy to say I’ve been nothing short of impressed with the experience so far. 

So, for anyone else on the fence about whether to give zero-waste a chance, here’s 5 things I’ve found the most pleasantly surprising on my journey so far: 

  1. You Genuinely Notice You Have Less Trash

After just one modest shop with Livlite, I took my recycling out once (instead of twice) and my landfill pile was a small bag’s worth instead of a full garbage bag. How satisfying to see your own positive impact right from the get-go!!

2. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Aren’t So Scary… 

I first came across shampoo and conditioner bars a few years ago at a local makers market. I remember loving the concept of no cumbersome plastic bottles, but as a chronic hair-twiddler, I came to the decision that there was no way they’d work as well for me as conventional shampoos and conditioner, and that was the end of it. 

…. In short, it’s taken me 4 years to finally try one of these, and I have no idea why I waited so long?! These Good Juju bars are awesome – they’ve got one for every hair type. I leave the conditioner on for a few mins in the shower, and my brush glides through.

3. Returning Your Jars For Credits Is Awesome

You get a $2 deposit back from every jarred item you buy which you get to deduct from your next grocery bill…. Or save all them up to use at once. It really encourages me to return my jars and keep them out of the recycling, so they can be used over and over.

4. Things You Used To Consider Trash Will Become Your Best Friends

As the saying goes, trash is only trash once we throw it away! Once I saw how many times glass jars could be re-used, I realized I actually already had a plethora of storage solutions already sitting in my cupboards at home. That old pasta sauce jar, perfect for storing rice… that hot sauce bottle, your new soy sauce container. 

You don’t need to spend a cent on buying new containers to decant your groceries into if you don’t want to. Although, these brilliant silicon Stasher Bags have become my go to for anything more tricky such as salad greens, tortilla chips, etc. 

5. It’s Addictive (In A Good Way)

Once I had received a few orders and experienced all of the above, I couldn’t stop and I’m making more and more zero-waste switches in our household. I love trying something new every time I place an order!