3 Reasons You’ll Want To Try DOM’S Natural Deodorant 

April 28, 2022
By: jesslivlite-co

By Jess Bacon

Many of us who are trying to reduce plastic waste may still find ourselves somewhat hesitant to make the switch from the trusty anti-perspirants we’ve grown up with to a natural deodorant. And, we get it. 

With summer fast approaching and the farmer’s almanac predicting another scorcher for Vancouver, now is not the time to toy around with being odiferous!

But what are natural deodorants, and how do they work? Quite simply, natural deodorants are those made with un-artificial ingredients. They use powerful natural ingredients to absorb moisture, and combat odour-causing bacteria without disrupting your body’s natural processes (AKA…sweating). 

Whether you’re new to natural deodorant or not, here’s 3 reasons we know you’ll love DOM’S, new to Livlite this week! 

1. It’s Healthy 

It’s free from chemicals and made from simple, organic, plant based ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. (In DOM’S own words, most of the ingredients are actually edible). 

2. It’s Kind 

To your body, and the planet! Produced in Canada, DOM’S comes in sustainable packaging (without plastic) which can be entirely composted & recycled.

3. It Really Works! (We Promise) 

Just one application per day will keep you smelling fresh, even if you live an active lifestyle. 

Go on, give it a try! Six scents to choose from. Browse DOM’S Deodorant HERE.