Zero Waste Groceries.

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How Livlite Works

We source and deliver your groceries in returnable jars and compostable paper bags. We support other sustainable BC businesses, making the greenest footprint possible. It’s all about making lighter living easier.

A good kind of packaging

We use glass jars and paper bags because they are made from renewable sources and often from recycled material. We take back the jars, and our paper bags can go straight into your compost bin or be reused at home.

We collect the empty jars and sanitize them for re-use – working for you and the environment.

We make low waste living easy

  1. Add groceries to your cart
  2. For dry items, choose if you’d like a standard paper bag or add a jar for a small deposit fee.
  3. Pick a delivery window and enter your delivery instructions. Contactless delivery is our current default.
  4. We will drop off your items in a returnable grocery bag.
  5. When it’s time for your next order, leave any empty jars in the bag. We will pick them up and give you a credit for the deposit amount.

Enjoy food with zero waste!

Packaged for Mother Nature, not the landfill.

Shopping with Livlite means you don’t have to recycle or throw away packaging. A whopping 86% of Canada’s recycling ends up in the landfill!